Sunday, 19 June 2016

Adaptive feedback tests

More tinkering with the ECU settings.

I decided to let the narrowband re-map the power map dynamically.
I can always instantly switch back to the base map if required - in the meantime the experiment is to see if the ECU can work out for itself the correct fuelling to hit the 14.7 AFR.

This will obviously optimise for mixture rather than power

Test run today of about 60 miles showing the adjustments, percentages +- which are recorded, remembered  and applied over the base injection map automatically by the ECU. Mostly country roads some village drive at 30, some coasting behind traffic, some more spirited 60 mph - so a reasonable sample (sans motorway driving)

Looks like I was rich at idle and lean in that middling acceleration area.

The following graphs showing before (top) and after (bottom)
Left-Right is RPM, Bottom-Top is fueling, Front-Back throttle position.

The graph shape showing some reduction in fuelling at idle speed, but also small changes across the board, but nothing upsetting the overall injection map shape.

I'll leave it on this mode some more and take another look after a longer period.

Thursday, 16 June 2016


Zero hour is Wednesday 22nd June: 

Ferry from Dover to Dunkirk, then onward route now planned: straight lines through France and Belgium towards the Netherlands, then north past bridges, and east again to Berlin. The return across some higher ground and then via Eder and Mohne reservoir Dams.

I'm hoping for a reasonably relaxed drive keeping off motorways and enough time to stop & explore along the way. Three days each way should be a manageable 200 miles/4-5 hours a day.

Yellow balloons are overnight stops, Reds & Purples are waypoints.

Badge arrived and installed on the car.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Map Selection Installed

My MapV2 circuit now installed.

Obviously wasn't as simple as intended - I decided the switch should be drivers side in the space the old electric aerial override was. I also had to re-find the map lead from the ECU and as a consequence  tidy the loom arrangement behind, this short post condenses a good afternoon's work into a few pictures.

Meant stripping down the aux panel  to metal and re-assembling & covering.

Looks the part though - nice simple to-ground circuit with the guarded switch giving me clear indication whether I am on the primary/default map or secondary, closing the guard also forces the switch into the off position.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

L.o.t.u.s - switches

Loads of Trouble Usually Serious...

Savage switches - look the part, cost enough, however, mine are coming out of the car as soon as I find a decent replacement.

On original installation I had a shorting problem. I beleive it is a design flaw in the switch, or perhaps just the way I set them up - whatever - this is my experience for what it's worth.

There is a small amount of play in the LED terminals, in & out of the switch body and usually affected either by vibration or certainly by installing spade connectors on them, the play in the positive lead allows it to move up & touch both the bottom of the LED/bulb and side at the same time causing a 12v dead short.

Red circle shows the positive LED connection inside the switch body, this connects to the bottom of the bulb, but also bends upwards towards the side. 
Green circles the connections to the side case of the LED.

The red circle on this picture showing the side view the sprung connector is so close to the side of the bulb it can make contact due to play in the connector and cause a dead short.

My initial attempt at correction was to bend the positive lead slightly and avoid it moving up, however having just been working near these switches again it is all to easy to re-introduce the shorting problem.

Two things I'm intending
  1. Separately fuse the switch illumination to avoid taking a load circuit's fuse with it
  2. Phase out the Savage switches for something more robust

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Berlin and Back, Prep

Preparation continues...

I spent my youth watching reruns of WWII movies on telly.
With utmost respect to those who lost their lives on either side in Operation Market Garden and Operation Chastise - my route should let me see the real locations where parts of these wartime missions played out.

Route settled:
   Ferry booked Dover/Dunkirk,
   Out through France, Belgium, Netherlands via Some historic river crossings,
   Return via the Eder and Mohne Reservoir Dams.

The trip badge takes a slightly different direction, emphasising the countries I will be traveling through and hopefully the design taking on a somewhat cosmopolitan feel.

The overall idea is a business trip to my employer's offices in Berlin. 
Three days out, weekend events and a little work then three days back.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Bucket and Spade Run

Out for the day with a group from RhoCar club, of which I am a member, on the annual Bucket and Spade Run organised by the ROMMCC.

Rules - everyone must carry a Bucket and Spade somewhere on the car and the badge to gain entry to the finish location.

Early start 08:30, met up with half a dozen Seven style RhoCar club members and a chance for a bacon sandwich - second breakfast - and wander round and watch all sorts of cars assemble in the field. True old classics from the 20s right up to the 90s, or in my case only 3 years old. The event open to anyone with an interest in joining, enjoying the group run and supporting the fund raising cause.

The only challenge at this point avoiding the cowpats, either driving through, walking / stepping on, or following any car likely to wheelspin!

The drive, around an hour, across the Kent countryside from near Ashford to Ramsgate harbour. 
We set off in groups of similar cars, met up at the far end to take a proper look around cars, stalls etc.

All Present and correct at Ramsgate Government Acre overlooking the old Ferry port late morning.
Weather getting hotter as the day went on...

Classics from every era as far as you can see, even a nice E-Type Jag owner who let me sit in and try for size!

Then time for a wander into town: browse through junk shops under the arches, cafe for lunch, ice-cream (99 of course!) sitting on the harbour wall looking at boats, feed the penny-falls machines in the arcade, a sit down for pint of cider in a pub and walk on the beach... this is what the seaside is all about!

Then slowly back to the event ground to wander round cars and stalls again...

TR4s, 5s and 6s, Stags and Spits catching my eye - Triumph were making some decent looking cars in the 60s and 70s

An example of the first car I owned as a teenager, although mine was a hand me down and never made it back onto the road. Mk1 Ford Escorts are like gold dust now.

Reliant Scimitar, always liked the look of these, used to walk past one on my paper round in my youth, it slowly seemed to get dirtier and sadder over the years.
Don't really know anything about them.

Got to love the Wolfrace Slot Mag style wheels, very period!

An open top, and glitzy painted version of the car I grew up with. 
Dad had a Ford Zodiac Mk3 from the mid 60s through to late 80s, his was blue though, bench seats, but those lights grille and model name across the bonnet is unmistakable. 

Reg was 3075PL - don't know why I remember that!

Left around 4pm - headed home along A roads: Ramsgate, Canterbury, Maidstone.
Around 100 miles on the clock.

Tired, a little sun burned, excellent day out!

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Lambda and Cold Start

A little work on the cold start and various other ECU settings.
The car has always needed a little blip on the accelerator just after starting to keep it running, finally go around to playing with the cold start settings and resolving that.

I'm going to get it re-mapped at some point fully. in the interim the following improves idle and cold start.

The ECU Page is updated with current settings.

Areas of note


The Lambda input is now setup so it doesn't just run against its +-10% stops all the time - it actually tweaks fueling according to the sensor input. Combination of:
  • Stock Emerald settings on the lambda curve
  • Tweaking the lambda gain control & update frequency to avoid overshooting fuelling

Cold Start

Larger initial prime leaving the enrichment on for 15 turns and some across the board tweaks for the higher water temperature re-starts.

Full setup so Emissions tests are easier is pending a full re-tune, theres just no way to do it myself without exhaust gas measuring equipment.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Operation Market Garden

Opportunity just came up for another European road trip - this time to Berlin.
Why do it the easy way in a plane when you can drive?

Current plan is a bit of an Operation Market Garden themed route Dover, Dunkirk, over some of the key bridges (or at least the current river crossings) in the Netherlands: Joe's - Eindhoven - Son - Grave - Nijmegen - Arnhem and on to Berlin.

All details on a need to know basis, most details not actually settled on...

...except - if I can find it - a stop to see Kate Ter Horst's house in Oosterbeek. The real life setting on which is based one of the most moving scenes/locations/stories in any movie, let alone a war film.

I will be traveling around the end of June.
Hopefully not A Bridge too Far.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Map Selection v2

Just some thinking through today and preparation for a full engine/ECU map.
I have a spare circuit from the immobiliser, so decided to use that in map selection.

The immobiliser will select a non-running ECU map to prevent the engine starting (along with the other circuits it breaks) by taking the map selection line to open circuit.

A simple single pole single throw switch on the dash will allow selection between the remaining maps two maps. When open the dash switch selects the primary map so if the switch fails still normal operation, if the immobiliser fails I can't start the car anyway.
Can't see its a security risk even publishing this. 

The wannabe hot-wire enthusiast would have to find the ECU map select input line or immobiliser wiring. Fiddling with the dash mounted map selector will not help other than possibly following the wire to the immobiliser.

If someone is really going for the ECU or immobiliser wiring to hot wire the car they would be better served simply picking up the car and towing it, or a dashboard off scenario to re-wire, or potentially re-configure the ECU to ignore map switching - hopefully that doesn't sound like a joyrider mindset. (Famous last words)

( + Its mainly me and my Dad that reads this blog anyway )

UpdateInstalled here

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Three years in - MOT due

GN13 has been on the road 3 years now, best part of 13,000 miles driven, not to shabby.

The first MOT test is due tomorrow.

Basics I hope are ok, she still drives solidly, lights all working, brakes etc checked, headlights may need aligning a little.

Gut feeling is emissions are going to be the challenge like they were at IVA, its the only part on the car I cannot setup myself - tweaking the ECU is easy enough there just isn't reasonable priced measuring equipment available to know when it is set correctly.

I've left it to the last minute too - so if it does fail I think I'll be looking for a trailer options to get her to an ECU specialist.

Fingers crossed.

Update - 27/5/16 - Passed,  one more year on the road!